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Adress: 5 km from Chemal on the way to Elanda village

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Adress: 5 km from Chemal on the way to Elanda village

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Будь на коне, когда это закончится!

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Itkaya horse riding camp is the only company in Altai Republic, which is engaged in the organization of horse riding tours at a professional level: from breeding and dressage of horses to the design of special soft saddles and teaching our customers the basics of horse riding on mountain routes

We have been working in horse riding since 2001. We offer only certified routes.
We have a stable of more than 110 horses that are trained specifically for tourism.

Only qualified instructors and guides work on our horse riding tours.
Working directly with customers we provide good prices

We offer the best horse riding tours in Chemal area on the wild left bank of Katun river 

Stone baths of Katun river

4 hr./ 1.5 hr/ in the saddle

extreme level

If you have seen the horses only in the pictures - this tour is for you. The best choice for families with children & for beginners


A view from the top

4 hr./ 2 hr. in the saddle

extreme level

Extreme horse riding tour. The route runs vertically up and then goes along the top of the mountain range. A great way to get a shot of adrenaline and test yourself!


The way of Sartakpay's arrow

4 hr. / 3 hr. in the saddle

extreme level

This horse riding route for those who want to get a lot of impressions in a short time, without having a special physical training!


For advanced riders

8 hr. / 6 hr. in the saddle

extreme level

For those who want to appreciate the power and beauty of the Altai mountains! The horse riding route runs deep in the virgin taiga on the left Bank of the Katun river.


To the cave on horseback

4 hr. / 3,5 hr. in the saddle

extreme level

Horse riding for those who want to experience everything at once! Crossing the rock, a karst cave of light and gorgeous views of the valley of the Katun river.


Three days tour

3 days / 2 nights in tent

extreme level

When you need a full reboot, but there is no time for vacation! Horse riding weekend tour - is your chance to explore the wild nature of Altai in a short time.